Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to post a Project?

Yes, it is absolutely free to post your project on

How do I post a Project?

To post a project, create an account as an employer, activate your account and login. On the project menu at the top of the page, click post a project, then fill the post a project form with the details of your project. Ensure to include all the details required such as project title, detailed description, budget, skills required, milestones (one word each), location and additional information.

Why do I have to invite friilancers to bid on my project?

We decided to structure our platform this way so as to make it easier for you (employer) to deal with friilancers bid, if we leave it open for friilancers to bid at will, employers will be bombarded with hundreds of bids on their project. With “Invite to Bid”, the employers have absolute control over who bids on their project, you get to invite only friilancers whose profiles you’ve reviewed.

How do I invite Friilancers to Bid on my Project?

To invite friilancers to bid on your projects, simply go to profiles page and use the filter to find friilancers who has the skills you need for your project, then proceed to review their profile, look at their ratings, experience, the reviews they have gotten from past jobs, etc. If you are satisfied, you can then click on Invite to Bid button.

Can I edit project details after bidding starts?

Unfortunately, you cannot edit project details after  bidding has commenced.

How do I accept a Bid from a Friilancer?

To accept bid from a friilancer, go to your profile and click on the request secure code link, a secure code will be generated and sent to your registered email address, now go to the all posted projects page, select the accept bid button on the bid that your preferred friilancer submitted, now enter the secure code that was sent to your email to accept bid.

How do I award a Project to a Friilancer?

You simply accept a bid from your preferred friilancer to award a project to him/her.

What happens after I accept a bid and award a project to a friilancer?

After you accept a bid and award a project, you click on the Enter Workspace button to enter into the workspace and begin a conversation with the friilancer so that he/she can commence work on your project asap.

What happens to my deducted fund after I accept a bid and award a project?

The funds in locked away in escrow, neither you nor the friilancer can access it until the project is finished or canceled and enter into dispute resolution service.

How do I cancel an already awarded Project?

You can cancel a project by clicking on the close project button from the workspace. It is important to note that, closing a project mid-way will automatically enroll that project in our dispute resolution service. You will need to provide a reason why you intend to close the project and we will investigate to ensure that the friilancer is okay with the action before any refund/unfreezing of funds can be done.

How will I communicate with the friilancer during a project?

There is a built-in workspace that allows both employers and friilancer to chat, exchange files in real-time on our platform

Do I need to have sufficient funds in my account to award a project?

Yes, you need to have sufficient funds in your account either as cash or credits before you can award a project.

How do I delete a Project?

You cannot delete a project after it has been posted, you can only cancel it, if you want your project to be deleted you will have to email the technical support desk.

What is a Milestone?

A milestone is a significant stage, event or level that must be reached by a friilancer while working on your project. They are level of completion of tasks that you put it place to monitor work progress. Your project could have as many stages or levels (milestone) as you need on your project.

How do I track the progress of a friilancer on my project?

You can track the progress of a friilancer on your project by setting milestones while posting the project and also ensuring that he/she uses and share the details of productivity tracking tools like Trello, Slack. Weekly, Fun Retro, etc.

How can I be sure a friilancer actually spent the time he/she claims to have spent on my project?

You can request for screen records (with Camtasia) from a friilancer to validate the number of hours a friilancer claims to have spent on your project.

Who pays Afriilancer commission?

You the employer pays the commission on every project you post.

How much commission does Afriilancer charge?

We charge a 10% commission on all projects executed via our platform..

Does Afriilancer support Multi-currency?

Yes, we support multi-currency. You can pay friilancers in their local currency with ease.

How is a dispute resolved?

Any dispute arising between an employer and a friilancer, regardless of who initiates the dispute, will be resolved through our dispute resolution service. We will investigate the dispute and do our best to arbitrate the dispute fairly in accordance with the industry best practice. Chat history, project files, milestones will all be reviewed in other to resolve the dispute. At the end of our arbitration, if the dispute could not be resolved or we found one party guilty, we will either refund or release funds to the winning party.

Is it free to sign up on Afriilancer?

Yes, it is absolutely free to sign up and become a friilancer on our platform.

How do I edit my profile?

To edit your profile, click on your name at the top right corner of the site and choose my profile, from there you can edit your profile.

I registered but my profile is not displayed publicly?

Your name is not showing on the list of friilancers because you have not activated your account and completed the filling in of your profile information.

Do I have to pay to bid on Projects?

At the moment, it Is free to bid on any project, but you need to be invited before you can bid on a project.

How do I submit a Bid after I've been invited to Bid?

To submit a bid on a project, go to that project page, click on the bid now button, and enter the amount you wish to bid for on the project along with details why you should be selected. You also need to enter when you can deliver the project.

Why should I use Milestones?

Milestones are important because they help you to keep track of your progress on a project. It also helps to show the employer that you are really working and have completed the required tasks as at when due.

How do I close a completed Milestone?

To close a milestone, enter the project workspace and select the milestone, then click on the close milestone option. Please note that the employer also has to do the same thing from his/her end before the milestone can be marked as completed. The employer also reserves the right to reopen an already closed milestone.

How do I get paid as a Friilancer?

You get paid after completing a project and the employer authorizes your pay by clicking on the finish button on the project in the workspace.

How do I withdraw my money?

You can withdraw your money into your local bank account directly. To withdraw you need to make a request from your profile page. You need to first click on the request for a secure code link, a unique secure code will be sent to your email. Now click on withdraw money, enter the amount you wish to withdraw, the method of withdraw and a brief description, now enter the secure code you received to authenticate your withdrawal request. After doing this your withdrawal request will be submitted and our settlement team will review and approve.

How much commission does Afriilancer charge?

We currently charge a processing fee of 5% on all projects that friilancers executes on our platform.

How do I report a fraudulent Employer?

To report a fraudulent employer, simply click discontinue on the project from the workspace and enter a detailed reason why you think the employer is fraudulent. Our team will investigate and take appropriate actions.

Can I work for Employers outside of my country?

Yes, you can work for any employer from around the world, you will be paid directly in your local currency.

Will Afriilancer provide work for me?

Afriilancer does not provide work for any friilancer, employers on our platform are the ones that provide jobs and they reserve the right to go with any friilancer they choose.

What are Credits on Afriilancer?

Credits are the digital currency that is used on Afriilancer as an alternative to physical currency. It is equivalent to physical currency, employers and friilancers can transact with peace of mind without having to worry about the fluctuating exchange rate of physical currency. Credits on Afriilancer gives you the same worth as your physical currency its 1 – 1.

How do I Buy Credit on Afriilancer?

To buy credits, simply click on the “Buy Credits” Link in the menu at the top of the platform. Select the pack you want and make payment for it. The credit from the pack will be added to your account and you can use it to transact on our platform.

Can I withdraw and convert my credits back to physical currency??

Yes, when withdrawing credits, we credit your bank account with the same value of your credits in physical currency.